A Stack of Books for a Rainy Day

Today is a cold, rainy day in Central Ohio, so a perfect day to browse in a bookstore! Here’s the stack I brought home today . . .



Norton and Alpha by Kristyna Litten

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Earth Day read-alouds and this book captures some related themes, particularly reusing things for different purposes and planting!  In this story, Norton loves to collect junk of all kinds and invent new things. One day, he creates Alpha, a robot who helps him on his quest to find unwanted but useful things. They happen upon some flowers which have them puzzled … what are these unusual, mysterious things and what are they for? Norton soon learns that sometimes you just have to appreciate the beauty of some things. Cute new 2017 book with fun, detailed illustrations!

Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds

I love all of Peter Reynold’s books about embracing your individuality. In this new one just published this year, he focuses on all the different ways you can be a happy dreamer even though sometimes the world doesn’t appreciate it. “But the best way to be a happy dreamer? Just be you.” Another one to add to a back-to-school collection and a great one to remind all of us teachers about allowing our little dreamers to dream!

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson

Rabbit has a carrot problem …. too many carrots and too little of a house! So his friends try to help out by inviting him into their homes which doesn’t work out so well. So in the end, they discover that sharing is the best solution of all! Sweet characters with very vivid illustrations, just perfect for read-aloud. “Keep calm and carrot on!”

I Really Like Slop by Mo Willems

The cook in me could not pass up this book! (Not to mention that I’m a huge Mo Willems fan, probably with the rest of the world!) Piggie is trying to get Elephant to try slop and of course, the conversation between them is hilarious, but this time it’s accentuated with wild color! 💥  Many people think this series is geared toward very young children, but if you’ve read one and reacted to it, you know these books are fabulous for all ages. Teaching second grade, I’ve found them to be perfect for modeling fluency – expression, intonation, and how to interpret changes in font. Great to put in a fluency center! And Mo Willems is quite the master of life lessons, in few words and with loads of humor!

Did you notice Pigeon on my new stack of books?  He’s right at home now with some of my other book friends! (Sorry for the dark picture, but it’s late!)


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