A Unique Little Seaside Bookstore

Books on the Beach is a little bookstore in Treasure Island, Florida and guess what? It’s also the local post office. It has three rooms of what looked like mostly gently used books perfect for beach reading. In the small children’s section, I found a great book about sea turtles and I was looking around for the register so I could pay. All I could see was the post office counter and yep! That’s the checkout for the bookstore too. Mail a package and buy a book – I love this concept! I said as much to the woman working there and she said, “I do too- just wish I had more time to read them.” I like checking out local bookstores wherever I go and really glad I happened upon this one!

So here’s my thoughts on the book I bought, Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! by April Pulley Sayre. It’s a literary nonfiction text that is told as if it’s happening right now. A very smart writing style to engage young readers! It tells about the challenges sea turtles face from the time their eggs are hatched and buried to when they crawl out of that sandy nest and attempt their often dangerous journey to the sea. But most of all, this book explains how communities help the baby sea turtles to make it to the ocean each year. Now here in Florida, this seems to happen later in the spring and summer. I’m so sorry to miss it!
When I taught second grade, one of my science standards focused on the interdependence of living things in the environment and this book would be great to add to that text set. Also, a good mentor text for writing workshop for the text structure, informational features, and language. This author has written several other books on different topics, so a great non-fiction author study idea too!

There are many YouTube videos about sea turtles hatching. Here is a short one:

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatching

Beach, books, and local wildlife make  this one happy place! ☀